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  4. Saturday, 19 January 2019
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Welcome to Aussie CycleKarts.

A quick introduction helps everyone to get to know you and can also help put you in touch with local members.

Add as little or as much info as you like, even if it's just a simple hello.

If you haven't already done so, click on the edit profile link (under your username in the top right corner) and set your location. This will let others know what state you are in.

Once you are set you might also want to consider starting a 'Build Page' to document your build. Each build page can have multiple galleries / discussions / links etc and helps keep all of the stuff relevant to your build in one place. This is basically your own little corner of the internet.

Even if you are not at the building stage yet feel free to create a page to keep track of all of those links and photos that inspire you, that way when you do get to the stage of rolling up your sleeves and getting into it, all of the info you need will be right where you need it.

Most of all, enjoy and have fun.
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Guess I'll get the ball rolling...

Hi. I'm Mick - from SA. :)

A long time petrol-head, I've built / restored various cars and bikes but somehow have ended up with a bit of a soft spot for classic / vintage VW's. After working in the Automotive industry most of my life I've managed to turn a hobby into a job as I now make VW Supercharger kits for a crust.

I fell in love with the idea of Cyclekarting the first time I saw it, not only for it's aesthetic appeal (some of the Karts online are truly stunning), but mainly because it looks like so much fun. I like the appeal of simple racing, plus it's something that I could do with my kids.

Obviously it's not going to be any fun without others to race against so I've taken on the task of trying to unite anyone with an interest in Cyclekarts in Australia with the aim of getting people together to build and race. Noticing a lack of anything online specifically for Australian Cyclekarting I decided to start a Facebook page and this Website with the hope of attracting and uniting others.

My build is pretty much at the parts collecting stage. At this current time I have wheels, engine, some steel for the chassis and a brake disk - A good start, but still a way to go. At least for this first build I'm planning to follow the standard 'Stevenson' design, I figure that it will be easier / quicker than going too far off of the rails design-wise as those kind of builds usually end up taking much longer than anticipated. I figure that if I can get one built up for people to look at it, will hopefully encourage others to get involved. I'm really hoping I can get it finished in the next couple of months so that I can display it at our local VW show and hopefully get some more people on board.

I'm not 100% sure what style of body I'm going for but I'm really inspired by the boat tail shapes so it may end up something along those lines.

If you are interested in my build so far. Check out my build page below.
  1. https://www.cyclekarts.com.au/build-pages/1-micks-cyclekart-build
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