Below is a table listing parts sources for building a typical cyclekart. Generally these parts follow the 'traditional' Stevensons cyclekart design and basic technical specifications

Physical outlets and suppliers that you can go to (ie traditional 'shops') are listed by state and additional online sources are also included with links.

If you have questions about the parts required, or want to contribute to the list about, please post up in the Technical Forum.


Item State Detail Link / Address Price 
Engine ALL 6.5hp Honda GX Clone

 $70 - $140+ 
  SA Paramount PE200 $ 180
Torque Converter ALL  19mm / 3/4" shaft TAV30 Style $115 
Axle ALL  KFL005 Rear axle bearings for 25mm axle


$7 ea 
  ALL  Sprocket hub for 25mm shaft


     Drive sprocket

Various options / pitches available


     Brake disc and hub

Various options available but generally 4mm thickness on disc


Brakes  ALL  Hydraulic master cylinder and two pot brake caliper you will also need to buy seperate longer brake line  $29 
Wheels ALL

Honda Postie bike wheels

(Honda CT110 / CT90) $Varies 
   SA Refurbishment costs 

Associated Gritblasters
10 Dunorlan Rd, Edwardstown SA 5039
(08) 8374 1979


$80 per wheel
   SA Tyres (fitted)

DC Motorcycles
Marion Rd, Marion SA 5043
(08) 8377 5566


$125 per wheel 
  ALL   6202.2RS Conversion bearings for front wheels 35mm x 16mm x 11mm (to suit 5/8" UNF bolt as spindle)


$3.45 ea 
Chassis ALL

Your Local Steel Supplier



75 x 25 x 1.6mm steel

Approx 2670mm lengths 

20 Bennet Avenue
Melrose Park, SA 5039

$45 ish 
 Suspension  USA Approx 550mm eye to eye by 25mm wide by 120mm drop leaf spring

NOTE: Above link is US supplier. 

 Steering  ALL  M8 tie rod ends x 4

NOTE: 2x RH thread and 2x LH - thread if you want to make your own tie rods you will need to buy an M8 LH tap



The sources listed above are not exhaustive, nor possibly the best / cheapest, but are generally sources where members have sourced parts from and have been happy with them. Prices may of course vary, so could currently be different to those listed above.


Revision History

2019-07-03 - Updated bearing size for front hub. Correct size for using a 5/8" UNF bolt as the spindle is a 6202.2RS Bearing (35x16x11)
2019-11-04 - Added details for tyres & wheel refurbishment costs