What is a Cyclekart?

CycleKarts are small, lightweight, nimble machines made by their drivers for the pursuit of motoring sport. They're not serious speed-machines or status-generating show cars. They're purely for the gritty fun and satisfaction of tearing around in a machine you've built yourself.

As a class of driving machine, the CycleKart formula limits certain aspects of the machines to maintain good sporting performance without jeopardising the light-hearted nature of these machines. CycleKarts and their builder/drivers don't like to take things too seriously, and certainly not themselves or each other, so overzealous competitiveness is frowned upon, and a win-at-any-cost attitude is not invited back. We do encourage good, sporting competitions for fun, to which end the cars are kept reasonably similar in performance.

History: Where it all started

The CycleKart takes its heritage proudly from a phenomenon that exploded onto the Automobile World and came into full force during the Roaring Twenties- The CYCLECAR. The Cyclecar was a return to the visceral basics of the fun of driving a motorcar, just when mainstream production cars were becoming fat and luxurious. Cyclecaristes, as their drivers (or victims) were known, had to have a special kind of appetite for the spartan to enjoy Cyclecar Motoring.

According to motoring journalists of the day, they had to be on good terms with "their brother , the wind, and their sister, the rain," (not to mention being on a more than nodding acquaintance with their cousin, the pothole, and their aunt, the dust cloud. Nevertheless, the Cyclecar (with its powerful and light motorcycle engine bolted into the flimsiest excuse for a chassis and even scantier bodywork) won its way into the hearts of thousands due largely to a very aggressive power-to-weight ratio that could leave far more expensive cars eating their dust.

Resources: How do I get one?

Unfortunately you cannot buy a CycleKart. A CycleKart is something that you have to make yourself. Of course it is fine to get assistance from other CycleKart owners, and therein lay some of the fun, but essentially building your CycleKart is part of the rites of passage.

To fit in with the CycleKart ethos of having the most fun with the least machine, the guidelines for construction follow a set formula. Not only does this ensure that all CycleKarts are more-or-less equal, but the limitations placed on construction also ensure that they remain safe to use. Basic dimensions, as well as engine and transmission type are nominated in the specifications which are listed below:

A one-seat car using Honda 17"x 1 3/4" or 2" rims, 2.50 x 17" tires
, Wheel track 38"
Wheelbase as close to 66" as the aesthetics of the car will allow (err on the shorter side for more abstract cuteness and general attractiveness)
Weight no more than 250lbs
Powered by a 200cc, single cylinder, 6.5 hp Honda OHV engine (the GX200).
Some measurements:
Max Length: 98"
Max Width: 40"
1"X3" steel framerails (84" long in the Type 59, rear axle 10" ahead of aft end) The 1" X 3" steel stock comes in thicker and thinner walls; we use the thinner 1/16".
Front springs 24" X 1 1/4", 2 leaf 1/2 elliptics

To help in sourcing some of these parts locally here in Australia we are putting together a handy list with links to suppliers for parts in Australia. You can view this HERE

What Next?

We have set this page up with the hope that it can bring Aussie Kart builders together and help foster collaboration on organising local events. Obviously it's much more fun with other CycleKarts involved, and we think that there's lots of opportunity for people to get involved in all aspects of the sport, from helping others on their builds to organising and taking part in events.


There's a heap of good resources out there to help you get started and we have listed some of these below. If you want to add something to out list, feel free to let us know.

To connect with other Aussie cyclekart owners / builders / fans join our Facebook page - Aussie CycleKarts - https://www.facebook.com/groups/aussiecyclekarts/

Where it all started - The CycleKarts Website - https://www.cyclekarts.com/"
The Cyclekart facebook page - The CycleKarts Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/cyclekart/.


Credits for some of the the text used above, as well as creation of the initial CycleKart and development of the CycleKart specifications go to http://CycleKarts.com the creators and ultimate authority on the CycleKart. You can find a heap more information and a bunch of cool photos on the CycleKart website too.

This site is very much a work in progress, if you have something to contribute or want to get involved please let us know via our facebook page.