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  • Mick started a new discussion, DIY Leaf Springs
    DIY Leaf Springs
    Found some info on the heat treating stages required for making leaf springs so leaving it here for later...

    • Steps in making a leaf spring without special equipment
    • Anneal the steel strip raw material - Heat to approx 800~850°C (cherry to bright red) and allow to cool s-l-o-w-l-y in air.
    • Cut, machine and form and shape the individual leaves.
    • Test assemble the complete spring assembly.
    • When satisfied, disassemble the spring again and harden the leaves (individually). [Heat to approx 820°C (bright red) and quench in oil].
    • Clean the surface with steel wool or similar to see the colours clearly when tempering (next).
    • Temper the leaves. [Heat to approx 320°C (dark blue/grey) and quench in oil].
    • Clean the leaves, and paint or apply final finish if desired.
    • Assemble the spring.
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